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Meropian Gardens of Love, Light and Healing


A Profile


Dear Ones,

I am from the home world of Meropia 2, and it is so large that if my world was hollow, two planet earths could fit inside of it. Our ocean is very big as well. We build some of our homes on the side of a cliff, if we live by the ocean, but our homes are not square, they are rounded. If you ever visit the Greek Isles, as well as the Italian Isles, you can get an idea and a feeling of my home world. When I saw the Isle of Capri, or the Isle of Crete, it reminded me of how life was for me. I also have a home on the planet of Lyra 2.  I am known for my many gardens on both of these planets.

On Meropia 1, my grandfather has a ranch, which has a lot of cattle that are not used as food, they are kept as pets. He also made a zoo for me there, for all of my pets from the many past lives I have had, only these zoos are different from Earth. The reason being, they are loved and not mistreated, like on planet earth. I have also lived a life on the water world, first as a dolphin and as a mermaid the next lifetime. There were so many wonderful mammals living there, and the water was clean and clear, with no bad things to make us sick, like the human Man has done to your earth planet. I am telling you all of this, to help you understand how some of my lifetimes were.

The gardens that I made on the home world of Meropia 2 were mystical and magical. Living in my gardens were all kinds of fairies and elves and sprites. There are unicorns and also Pegasus and beautiful creatures. Dragonflies and butterflies, and birds of every description, even the phoenix lives there. The many flowers and trees and fountains and streams seem to sing as you walk among them. To me, this is a healing garden, for the soul to be at peace, and in loving happiness.

Love, Sara/Julieanux

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