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Meropian Gardens of Love, Light and Healing



When we cook, it's nice to be happy and love what we do. Because when we cook with love, it makes all of our tummies very happy. Some say, "Why bother? It's too much work!" I say to that, it is just as much a spiritual thing as praying and meditating. There is no difference.

There is a cook on the food network I really enjoy watching, for she loves so much what she does. She laughs, and this is a healing thing when we laugh, and it shows lots of love. Her name is Paula Dean, and she didn't get where she is now overnight. She and her sons worked side by side. The type cooking she does is Savannah, Georgia, and also Atlanta, Georgia Southern Cooking. and your taste buds will go "yum!" if you ever have a chance to watch her.

I have read lately that some have a conflict with who is more important, the one who makes quilts or the one who makes baskets. Well, both of these have equal value, for they have, through many eons, been a special part of either keeping us warm, or the other used as tools to carry food and to store food. It is important that all of us remember that all of these gifts were given to us by our brothers and sisters from other worlds, to help us have a joyful as well as peaceful and loving life. We are not supposed to fight over who is better at doing what. We are supposed to be a peaceful and loving planet, on this classroom called Planet Earth. We are here to learn and to help one another. We are to share with one another and not be greedy.



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