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Meropian Gardens of Love, Light and Healing


Planet Earth Past Lives

...with a touch of family history


What I am about to tell you is that our past lives and genealogy are a combination. There are so many interesting stories in our family history, for all of us, that would keep us all on the edge of our seats. To make it even more interesting, there will be subjects about our Totems... well, at least mine, anyway.

While I was doing my genealogy, I had a difficult time locating my grandfather, for he just plain disappeared from any records. Then I decided to try another approach, so I just plain asked Commander Sanni Ceto to try and contact him. Well, this worked.

His name is Chester Terence Moffitt, and he was born about 1865 in Pennsylvania. He was the father of my dad. He never married. When I asked him when he died and where, all he could remember was that he was on a horse, driving cattle up to a special pen, when he had a heart attack and fell off his horse. And so, when they found him, they took him to the cemetery and buried him in an unmarked grave. This is why I could not find any records of him.

All he said was he died in January or February, but did not know the year. Anyway, these are some things that I was up against in locating some of my family. There are so many interesting stories about all of them, but sadly there is no way to find much more on this.

I did find out a few names to fill the pieces in the puzzle. My great grandmother, Rosemary McCarty, was half Cherokee and her mother, Rose Mullet, was full Cherokee. If I didn't get that right, then the one before her was. In any case, this makes me one-fourth Cherokee, and so I am very happy with this news.

To begin with, this is from one of my Planet Earth past lives:

Whispering Owl was a Cherokee medicine man, in addition to being a chief who led his people into battle. This was to keep their lands from falling into the hands of the Europeans, who came near. His people lived in the region of Tennessee and Kentucky and North and South Carolina. His people were mostly farmers and raised squash and corn. His men were hunters of deer and other game, and they taught their children how to hunt and fish. Their women were gatherers and did the work of creating clothing, along with other things. Whispering Owl was a great grandfather, who was a cousin to Chief Falling Leaf.

When I lived in that time frame, I was known as Blue Deer-Sweet Rain, and lived to be in the 90s. I was a teacher to the young girls seeking to learn about the stars and the ancient ways, from plant and animal nations that were my helpers and guides. I taught my people how to identify plants that were edible while avoiding those that caused illness or worse. I was the wife of Chief Falling Leaf, and had two girls and one boy. Their names were Sweet Flower and Yellow Tree. the boy was named Wanakui or Stands Proud.

The following is a message from my mama when I was young:

Graceful Doe, I was your mama, and your father was named True Bear. Our village lived by a big stream that we called Hanti, where we fished. In summer and spring you collected flowers to dry and make into special medicine bundles for protection to the Five Directions. Thunder Elk was your brother, and he was killed by a bullet to the head when he became disoriented from lack of sleep over something that occurred a few nights before. This happened when he wandered onto someone else's property and was shot for being on private property.

Your sister, Yellow Tree, died early as a young girl, to a type of cold that caused her to stop breathing when she had a bad coughing spell. (Author's Note: When I was the wife of Chief Falling Leaf, I named one of my daughters Yellow Tree in honor of my sister, Yellow Tree, who died young, and it may have been pneumonia.) Before my brother died, he was a powerful hunter and helped establish peace with the European colonists and helped them to survive a bad winter by showing them how to preserve their food in underground storage units.

Graceful Doe was a giver to me of my gifts and abilities, and taught me how to stand tall in adversity. (It was another lifetime that Thunder Elk, my brother, became my father.) In the next life, my brother, Thunder Elk, became my father and had the name Brave Elk.

The lifetime as the daughter of Brave Elk, I was the youngest. My mother was called Calling Bird, and she was killed during a severe storm that made my people take refuge in a large cave. I had a sister called Shy Doe, who was very reclusive. My brother's name was White Bear, who used to like hunting wild turkeys and was very good at imitating different animals. I was the keeper of the sacred plants in their gardens. My name this lifetime was Whistling Bird.

The following is a list of my Totems and their meanings:

1. The grey wolf, the cougar (mountain lion) -- means courage in difficult times

2. The whale -- means protection and inner guidance

3. The pyramid with three suns -- means my home planet of Lyrah and the Meropias that orbit three suns. Pyramid means ancient knowledge and wisdom

4. The hummingbird -- means (I was told) my inner and outer beauty and loyalty to people and my friends

5. The Phoenix -- means rebirth or reawakening of my dormant gifts and abilities

6. The turtle -- means I am persevering in getting things done, and that I stay with it until it's done

7. The bear -- means protection and strong in spirit

(This next lifetime was a tragic and sad one:)

I was half black and a young girl named Essie, who was the child of the owner of the plantation. His name was Mr. Maynard Jones (the Second). He had four other wives, besides taking a fancy on me. The maid killed my young boy-child, whose name was John (he was only one year old). This maid's name was Annabelle, and she was very jealous of all the nice things the owner of the big plantation had given me, for she wanted them for herself. Plus she was another of the owner's secret wives. I was killed after his first wife returned from a long trip. The first wife ordered the maid to shoot me point blank. I was just 16 years old when I was killed.

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