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Boutique with the Sweet Confections
and Nature's Heavenly Aromas from the Stars


There are Aprons and Dish Towels and Pot Holders, too. So nice to protect your garments that are special to you.

Your hands need protection as well, to keep you from burns as you check your oven, my dears.

And Dish Towels, for every day of the week, are better than using the dishwasher, so there is no waste of Nature's water so clear.

So you use them to dry your dishes so lovely, for gentle is better than rough, I am sure.


The Candies I make, for all to enjoy, are done with love and to inspire you.

I have only a few molds for now, but soon will have fun things to tickle your mood.

There are Dolphins and Light Houses and Space Ships and Shells,

And Stars and Butterflies and Bug shapes, too.

And when I think of other treats, you will know when they are ready for you.


I have before told many of you about my Herbs and Pouches and Sleep Pillows.

There are a few mentioned in an earlier display, so check them out, so you see what I mean.

I have lavender flowers and rose petals and rose buds, and all kinds of things to make your heads swim.

I have fresh sweet bay leaves for you, too, to make a wonderful soup or stew.

I grow them a-plenty, and if I am not careful, they will grow to the sky.

So check it out, to see what I have for you. It's fun, you know, to please all of you.



HEATING PADS for pain relief. Buckwheat or rice filled, heated in the microwave. They hold heat for a long time and are good for your back, neck or other body parts. Large $8.50, medium $6.50. Add $3.00 for shipping. Order from Sara Hockenbery, 138 Howard St., Ventura, CA 93003.

NECKLACES made by Sanni Ceto. Sterling silver star necklaces with beads $25.00 postpaid. The Pleiadian Silver Star of Seven points.

These beads of many hues sparkle as you wear them around your neck and give you the feeling that we are not alone,

after all. For we can dream of times of many eons.

POUCHES in many colors, with emblems from many star systems. Contains 5 gemstones, $25.00.

PLEIADIAN Sterling silver star necklaces with beads $25.00 postpaid

HERBS OF MANY SCENTS are... oh! So healing in

your bath. And then the tea for many ailments

helps you stay well for the elements.


THE LITTLE DREAM PILLOW... oh! So sweet... helps you to get a good night's sleep. And the sweet smell of English Lavender makes your linens safe from moths that would eat them.

THE HERB BAGS run from $3.00 up, depending on what type they are. These will be made upon request, and in whatever color you wish to have.




To place your order, e-mail Julieanux at
or call 805-628-3194.


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