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Welcome to the Meropian Gardens

The seeds that you plant in your garden are also a preparatory method. To start with, you must get all of the weeds off the area you wish to plant. Then, when done, dig the ground and turn it over, and water it very well. It would be a smart idea to have a place in the corner that will not interfere with anything in your yard in which to have a compost pile (this is a place to put leaves and dirt, and anything that can be turned over with a shovel and watered down as well; in other words, it has to decay to produce compost). In the meantime, it's good to get sacks of compost and mushroom fertilizer, or anything of an organic composition, to make the soil ready. Put this in the plot you will be planting, until it has all settled in, for the acid from the different mixtures will burn the new plants.

As you get your plot ready, rake and smooth the soil, so as when you are ready, there are no large lumps, and also so that the soil can be loose enough, if you plant carrot seeds. If it's too hard, you won't be able to pull the carrots out of the ground. (This is to give you an idea of how to start.)

Anything in life, when you truly want it done right, takes a prep-in-advance method. And this works for all that you do, be it cooking your supper or baking a cake or sewing a dress, and writing a book. You have to have a plot, so you can know what to add to the story.

The most important part of all of these things is Love. You must love what you are doing, for it shows in all of your projects you may happen to do. Even a job that you work at, if you are not happy at the job you are doing, then it's time to find a job that you feel good at doing. The reason being, it affects others you come into contact with, for if you don't like what you are doing, they will sense this, and then not want or wish to do business with you. This is why you need to be at peace and joy, and love what you do.

Love, Sara/Julieanux

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